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Site Supervision

what is site supervision ?

Site Supervision involves carrying out visits to assess and manage the site and any safety hazards. The visits will include managing & giving clear instruction to the site workers, explaining goals to be achieved for the construction. Site Supervision also includes inspection of the progress & quality of work at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction.

When would I need one ?

Site supervision is used on large development sites so the Architects can record each stage of construction, making sure work is being completed to the correct standards and drawings.

Why Choose Us?

Level Architecture will attend site on behalf of the client at intervals appropriate to the stage of the construction. All reports generated after each visit will be sent to the client to keep them updated of the construction process. – Please refer to off-site construction for full details.

what have we done ?

Level Architecture has been working in Dublin on the Dublin City Rapid Build, & have provided Site Supervision throughout.

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