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3D Visuals & CGI's

what are 3D Visuals & CGI's ?

Creation of computer generated images are used to create or contribute to drawings using photoshop or 3ds max. The images are more accurate than a hand drawn images. They are produced to help visualise what is being proposed on-site, enabling clients to see the project in relation to its surrounding buildings & environment.

When would I need one ?

CGI’s are widely used images enabling the client to visualise the final project. Developers will use computer generated images for new housing developments as the final product as their marketing material.

Why Choose Us?

Level Architecture’s CGI artist will produce a very high standard of images for clients, with the chance to amend any detail if necessary, producing full images of the proposal development. 

What have We Done ?

Level Architecture is able to provide high quality CGI's & 3D Visuals for a wide variety of projects.

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